Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) set out the agreement between KCC Nominee 1 (T1) Limited and KCC Nominee 2 (T1) Limited (“us”, “we”, “our”) and any user of the Handyside Sports Pitch (the “Facility”) (“you”, “your”) when you use the Facility. By booking and using the Facility, you confirm that you understand and accept all of the Terms below.

General Conditions of Use

1. Use of the Facility is subject to:
a. The Facility’s opening hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-10pm; Saturday-Sunday, 9am-8pm. We reserve the right to limit the Facility’s opening hours at any time for any reason.
b. Availability of the Facility. This will vary from day to day and at various times: priority access for certain timeslots will be reserved for King’s Cross Academy and/or Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, other voluntary or community activities and residents of the Tapestry, Plimsoll and Gasholder buildings. We reserve the right to postpone, alter or cancel bookings or activities at any time for any reason including (but not limited to) maintenance, repair and alteration.
c. Safe capacity of the Facility. We reserve the right to postpone, alter or cancel bookings or activities and/or close the Facility with or without notice for any reason including (but not limited to) maintenance, repair and alteration or if we consider such closure to be in the interests of the sustainability of the Facility and/or the safety of users.
d. Compliance with the Terms relating to behaviour and conduct set out below. Failure to adhere to the Terms may result in the ejection of users from the Facility, and a ban on all future access to the Facility. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any user whose conduct or behaviour does not meet the standards set out below.
e. Supervision of all children below the age of 12 years by a responsible adult.
2. Use of the Facility is undertaken at the user’s own risk. Users are responsible for all activities which take place at the Facility, and for all equipment brought onto the premises.
3. Users will be responsible for any damage to the Facility, equipment, building or any part of the King’s Cross estate caused directly or indirectly by their actions or omissions, whether intentional or not.
4. We shall not be liable for any damage to, loss or theft of personal property belonging to users at the Facility. It is your responsibility to keep all personal property and articles safe during use of the Facility.
5. Any lost property will be collected each day and may be reclaimed from the Estate Management Office.
6. We do not provide changing rooms, toilets and shower facilities, public toilets can be found in Cubitt Park and Granary Square.
7. Only user taking part in activity will be allowed on the pitch, relatives and others willing to watch can only do so from viewing gallery
Bookings and Cancellations

1. The Facility may be booked for the following sports: football (yellow markings); netball (red markings); and badminton (white markings). Multiple games of badminton may be booked and played simultaneously.
2. Bookings are available every hour for 45 minutes and can be made online.
3. Bookings must be made in the name of a specified user and the same user or same group can not book two subsequent sessions and/or more than one court at a time.
4. Each session may be booked up to six days in advance and we only allow single sessions to be booked online. If the same user or group books two or more sessions - only one will be allowed to go ahead and the latter will be cancelled.
5. When making a booking, you must specify the particular use of the Facility from the dropdown menu (i.e. football, netball etc.).
6. Bookings are not transferable between users. Should you be unable to attend your session, you must either cancel the booking or transfer the session to an alternative time or date (subject to availability) via the website.
7. Bookings must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the session start-time. Late cancellations will be regarded as ‘no-shows’.
8. Users who book the Facility but fail to attend the booked session will be prevented from making subsequent bookings (and any existing bookings will be cancelled).
9. Users who book the facility but fail to arrive on time for their session and are late 15 minutes or more will be refused entry and their session will be regarded as 'no-show'.
10.We are a non profiting facility, as part of the 106 planning for local communities and occupies. Any user making a financial gain will have their account blocked with immediate effect.

Behaviour and Conduct

1. Users must:
a. wear attire appropriate to the relevant activity, and must wear shoes with non marking sole, no outdoor shoes allowed on the pitch;
b. be fit and able to participate in the activity booked, and must monitor their own physical conditions while using the Facility;
c. notify the member of staff on duty in the event of any injury occurring during use of the Facility;
d. be considerate of the Facility’s neighbours by entering and exiting the premises quietly (particularly for early morning and late evening sessions); and
e. vacate the Facility at the end of the booked session (or, if users are occupying the Facility without a booking, as soon as a user with a booked session arrives).
2. Users must not:
a. bring or use photographic or recording devices anywhere in the Facility;
b. bring any animals into the Facility (with the exception of guide dogs);
c. bring food, alcohol, glass bottles or chewing gum into the Facility;
d. bring any illegal goods or consumables, toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, flammable or hazardous goods into the Facility;
e. enter the Facility or partake in activities while under the influence or alcohol or illegal drugs;
f. use the Facility for any immoral or illegal activity;
g. smoke anywhere on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the Facility;
h. use the Facility and/or any equipment in any manner which may constitute a health and safety risk to other users;
i. treat the Facility poorly or behave in an inconsiderate and unpleasant manner (e.g. swearing, spitting, littering); and
j. behave in a manner which may cause injury, damage and/or nuisance to other users, the Facility, the building’s residents or other users of the King’s Cross estate.


1. All users acknowledge and agree that their personal data may be processed by (and on behalf of) us and shared with any relevant party.
2. These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of England and Wales.
3. If any court or competent authority finds that any provision contained in these Terms (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms shall not be affected.
4. Any delay or failure by us to enforce any provision in these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of the right to subsequently enforce that provision or any other provision of these Terms. Such delay or failure shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach and shall not constitute a continuing waiver.
5. These Terms may be reviewed and amended at any time without prior notice.